Chapter Documents

Membership Application


If you are interested in joining the Chapter please complete the membership application and submit it along with the initial dues payment.


For added convenience new members or those wishing to renew their membership can visit the Chapter store and pay using a check, credit card, or Paypal account, then simply email your completed application to


The cost is still just $30.00 for the year.

Chapter By-Laws


The Chapter By-Laws provide for the day to day operation of the chapter. It establishes the various Standing Committees, lists the minimum meeting requirements, outlines the process for amending the constitution, and includes dues collection and other necessary operational duties.

Chapter Constitution

Ratified July 2008


The Chapter Constitution was ratified by the membership in July 2008 with its first revision in January 2012. The Chapter Constitution our road map, it provides the purpose and goals, specifies officer positions, details the various membership categories and provides lots of other information for governing the affairs of the Liberty Chapter.

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