Recoginized in 2008 as an official Chapter of the International Code Council. The purpose of the Liberty Chapter of Philadelphia is:

A.  To promote the education, safety, health, and well-being of any individual involved with the construction, maintenance and use of buildings.

B. To foster professional cooperation between code officials, design professionals, contractors and a broad variety of other associated trades and disciplines.

C.  To improve the quality and safety of the built environment for individuals living in and visiting the City of Philadelphia, through its membership by:
       1. promoting increased professionalism;
       2. encouraging continued training; and
       3. maintaining a high standard of ethics and peer interaction.

D.  To participate in and promote:
       1. the establishment of consistency in building regulations throughout the construction community;
       2. the advocacy of public safety against the hazards of life and health in the built environment;
       3. the efficient use and conservation of energy;
       4. the enhancement of safe methods of building construction;
       5. improved fire prevention and protection;
       6. the relief from confusion and uncertainty of conflicting building laws and regulations; and
       7. the protection of homeowners and occupants of all buildings and structures in the City of Philadelphia.

E.  To promote efficiency and seek improvements in professional and administrative organizational processes and methods as related to the regulation of building construction.

F.  To conduct these activities with the highest ethical standards and achieve these objectives without monetary profit.

G. To support and participate in the functions of the International Code Council (ICC) and ICC region VII.


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