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Liberty Chapter of Philadelphia

Annual Business Meeting

L.F. Driscoll Offices

401 City Avenue

January 22nd 2015 



Minutes Lunch was served at 12:00 PM. Call to Order: 12:25 PM.


Members Present: Maureen Blaney, Anthony Clark, Perry Cocco, Michael Fink, Steve Gallagher, April Gigetts, Tony Gualtieri, Ken Innella, Jeff Jastrzembski, Dennis Link, Michael Maenner, Steve McDermott, Paul Oakes, Shaun Patchell, Lizanne Pepin, Jon Redmond, Tracy Ruffin, Dick Sauder, Joe Silberstein, Jim Titus, Dennis Ward, Bob Wexler


1. The meeting was called to order by Steve McDermott, Liberty Chapter Vice-President who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. A quorum was established to conduct a General Membership meeting.


2. Steve recognized the current Officers and Board of Directors and thanked them for their service to the Chapter.


3. A moment of silence was held for Philadelphia firefighter Joyce Craig, who died in the line of duty in December 2014.


4. Committee Reports were then given as follows:

Membership – Chair Vince Krakauskas was absent but provided a report for the Membership Committee to President DiPietro which was read to the members by Michael Fink. The report indicated 16 new associate memberships and one corporate membership in 2014 for a total of 199 members. The Chapter continues to grow at a rate of 10% to 15% per year. Vince indicated in his report that he would be bringing the issue of inactive members to the Board for consideration. Vince’s report indicated a planned shirt drive in March with new merchandise and logo


Legislation – no current chairman. Chapter member Paul Oakes questioned this issue and was advised by Fink that anyone can volunteer to serve on the Legislative Meeting to provide updates and coordinate Chapter members on code changes.  


Education – Chair Brett Martin was absent. Co-Chair Steve McDermott provided the members with a report on future training seminars for 2015.


Finance – Chair Steve Porreca was absent. No report available.


5. VP McDermott reviewed the Chapter activities for 2014.


6. 2015 Event Planning

a. Building Safety Month – May, 2015 VP McDermott advised the members of the intent to continue BSM activities as per years past with the banquet and golf outing with training opportunities.

a. Members were reminded to submit nominations for the Chapter’s Liberty Award for 2015 by April 1st .

b. Annual Phillies Game VP McDermott advised members of the Chapter’s intent to have another Phillies game outing to coincide with a fireworks display.

c. Holiday Party VP McDermott advised members of the intent to have our holiday party in December as per the past few years with money collected benefitting a worthy recipient like the Wagenhoffer family.

d. VP McDermott requested input from members as to other desired events for 2015.

I) Perry Cocco asked about the possibility of a bus trip related to a training event.

II) Steve Gallagher suggested a beef n beer to raise money for members with health problems.

III) Fink advised members to bring other suggestions to Board members for consideration.


7. Closing Remarks – VP McDermott thanked members for attending and introduced Keith Lashway, PE, from the International Masonry Institute (IMI) to present today’s training seminar along with Roy Ingraffia, RA, local representative of IMI. Training Building Code and Specifications for Masonry Structures – 1.5 contact hours Meeting and Seminar Adjourned: 3:00 PM


Note: It was noted prior to the meeting that L&I personnel were denied their request to attend the training; 48 hours notice required by a 10/29/14 e-mail. Registered attendance was 30+.

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